What is Reflexology?

Your body is like a city. A beautiful, vibrant, moving city. Your brain is the powerhouse, the control center of this city, and your nervous system is the power lines.

If, in your city, there's a blown transformer (like chronic stress, or a broken arm), lights go down, traffic lights stop working, and an entire section of the grid is thrown into chaos. An electrician is needed to diagnose where the outage is and begin work on repairing the damage. 

My job as a reflexologist is similar to being an electrician. However, it is not my job to heal the body, but rather I facilitate an environment in which the body can heal itself.

Through the stimulation of the nerves in the hands and feet by various rhythmic, reflexive techniques that induce a deep relaxation, the brain can be alerted what areas of the body need attention. Therefore, sending a greater blood flow to the areas that need it most. 

Each body is different. Some experience relief immediately (see the testimonials below).


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Lindsay does a wonderful job in treating the whole body. She is able to read your body’s issues, and she works to correct areas of your body that are not functioning fully. She is extremely knowledgeable about healing the whole body through reflexology. I highly recommend her as a Reflexology Practitioner.
— Angie Riddle
In the darkest season of my life, I engaged in a battle with panic attacks/an anxiety disorder that I thought I would never overcome. A close friend named Lindsay Culbert came to the rescue.

Reflexology treatments not only left me encouraged and hopeful, but offered immediate relief from the immense stress I was carrying in my body.

Lindsay is a phenomenal human being with an unbelievable heart to see people live WHOLE lives. A master of her art, she always put my needs first and offered the best care around.

I can now say that because of my time with Lindsay and many hard months of fighting for peace, I am in a much better place, and anxiety and panic no longer rule my life. Thank you Lindsay for your heart and treating me as if I was your own blood!
— Jayson Osteen
I wouldn’t have chosen anyone but Lindsay for my first reflexology experience. She was extremely professional and knowledgeable. I came to her very sick, and she made me feel comfortable and serene. I felt noticeably better after and would recommend her to anyone, first timers or seasoned clients.
— Carson morgan
After I broke my neck during a basketball game, my C5 and C6 had to be fused. A lot of things would cause me neck pain, especially long car rides from the vibration of the car. After driving to Greenville one weekend to see friends, my neck was really bothering me. I went to Lindsay for a session, and to my amazement, I didn’t have anymore pain the rest of the weekend or on my car ride back home! She’s amazing, I definitely recommend going to see her for any pain you have.
— Blake Ferguson



The client's health and wellbeing is always the focus of each session. I promise to use quality products and every resource available to help you achieve high end health. 

About Me

MY NAME IS Lindsay

Holistic medicine has been in my family for at least four generations. But like most young people with a deep seated family tradition, I wanted to do the exact opposite and not be against the grain.

In 2008, at twenty years old, I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease. This was relatively a slow death sentence. However, without the diagnosis, the likelihood of me living to thirty would have been grim.

For the better part of ten years, I fought the disease by conventional methods, which I am grateful for, but the prospect of being on an endless cycle of antibiotics for the rest of my life left me feeling hopeless. 

I like to say conventional medicine saved my life, but holistic medicine healed me. 

I became a reflexologist to help others find hope and the wealth of healing-- high end health.